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I am sweaty and shaky since starting Biaxin for a Sinus infection. Should I continue taking it?

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Inactive 6 Mar 2011

Call the pharmacy to see if these are serious side effects and let the prescribing doctor know asap. I can tell you that after taking biaxin for pneumonia, I had the sensation of all foods tasting like hot pepper for months after I stopped it. Pharmacist said it was a side effect but was listed very low on the sheet, she said to eat yogurt 2 to 3 times a day til it went away, took about 2 weeks to stop.Just thought I would tell you about that since it can happen with this med.

LaurieShay 6 Mar 2011

Hey grandma utah,

I agree with patti. Contact the prescribing doctor as soon as possible and let him know what you are experiencing. These are not common side effects of biaxin, but could still be your body's reaction to it.

If the symptoms get worse don't hestitate to contact a doctor immediately.

I would not take anymore until I spoke with the doctor or at least the pharmacist.

Just my opinion though,


Inactive 6 Mar 2011

I would suggest that you stop taking the antibiotic until you speak with your physician. Go to Drugs A - Z & read all about drug interreactions, & side effects. You are having a side effect. I was prescibed this medicine by the on call doctor the night before we were to leave on a 2 week vacation. I had seen my doctor the day before, for a urinary tract infection, & it was positive. They were to do a cuture & I told them we were leaving in 2 days (culture only takes 24 hours) & they would need to call in the anibiotic before they closed. They didn't, so I had to call, got the answering service, & my doc wasn't on call. His partner said he didn't want to call anything in, but would considering our plans. At any rate, I got so nauseated, I was throwing up, & had pain in my whole abdominal area. After 3 days I stopped the medicine, & by the next morning I was ok. free discount card

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