... But I only take 2-3 pills daily. At first I had no bad side effects but after a year if I take them too late at night I experience what feels like increased heart rate (mild anxiety) and I can't sleep if I try but realisticly its only about 80-90 bpm. My doctor seems pretty clueless about it and says just dont take it before bed time, but then my pain keeps me up. I've even tried to take a 1/4 of the pill and it still happens. Is this normal? Could there be an underlying cause? I'm 24 no major medical history. I've even had a paramedic friend hook me up to an EKG often and all is normal. Is there anything I could take or do to counter these effects? Also is there normally a serious effect of taking such a low dose of lortab at my age even though I need it? I'd rather deal with pain than not see my son grow up. Thanks

P.S. (side notes) Because of anxiety I do consume 3-4 light beers per evening. I dont receive any kind of buzz from the beer or the drug it's pretty much to keep the anxiety level down.(keep my heart from racing out of control) I was supposed to take 1 mg of xanax but I feel xanax and lortab are not a combination I want to get into for the rest of my life. I like to enjoy my life and my son and don't like that xanax pretty much makes me sleep all the time. Same case there I'd rather enjoy spending time with my boy then sleep and be grumpy because he wants to play.