I have been on the Duragesic Patch 75m for 8 years. For the past 4 years my doctor allowed me to change it every 36 hours because I could not get 48 hours out of the patch any longer. In Sept 09 he decided that I needed to start making the patch last 48 hours. I tried and tried and cannot get 48 hours out of the patch. I felt like the last 12 hours I was starting withdrawls. Last week I went to a new doctor which i explained all about the patch. He put me on 40mg oxycontin twice a day with 10mg percocet 4 x day. I can only get 3 hours out of a 40mg oxycontin. I think I am withdrawling from the patch or something. Anyway I decided to try suboxone. How bad do i need to be in withdrawls prior to taking suboxone. The website says mild to moderate. Heck after being on the 40 mg oxycontin for 3 hours I start to feel like I am starting withdrawls. Can anyone give me some advice. Also can you take a valium or something like that to help with the withdrawls prior to taking the suboxone. My appointment is at 10:00 tommorrow and this doctor does not carry the suboxone in his office so I have to see the doctor then my husband has to go get the RX and the bring it back to me at his office.
I have heard also that Suboxone takes away your qualilty of life. That you have no zeal for life anymore. Does anyone think this is true that has been on Suboxone. Can anyone tell me how I will feel being on Suboxone. I do not want a medicine that makes me just stay in bed and have no zeast for life. I guess you can tell I am scared. I hear it is hard to get off of Suboxone once you start so i wonder if I am not trading one drug for another. I called a detox center one day and they told me that they are seeing alot of patients coming to detox of suboxone. I wanted to do ultra rapid detox but do not have the money. One last question if Suboxone comes in generic does anyone recommend getting the generic? I am sorry this is so long. If anyone believes in the power of prayer which I know Jesus hears our prayers. I would be greatful if anyone would pray for me knowing what I am fixing to go thru. I must admit I am scared of going into withdrawls just to try this medicne. Thank you and God Bless you all on your road to recovery.