I have discovered I have some real issued with my BACK and have knee probems (baker's cysts and arthritis). The continued pain of bursitis, arthritis and the pain in my thoracic spine sometimes brings me to tears that I don't share with anyone tht it is bothering me; who wants to hear a complaint so I just say stressed ya know. I have been on Lortabs 4 times daily then upped to Percocet 4 daily with Soma to relieve the excruciating pain. I have had 6 epidurals so far from Jan this year to first of April. I do get relief but don't know if this willl help until I need to plan something??? I fear back surgery because I have heard of some of the outcomes. I have bulging discs in my spine and (C-spine 3-4, 4-5, I have bone spurs and tears and arthritis, Thoracic spine I have several bulging disc with tear in the L-4-5,5-6,6-7 and arthritis - this area gives me fits since I sit with a heating pad all day, and my lumbar catches ever so often due to arthritis and bulging discs. I don't know what professional neurosurgeon would recommend or should I continue with the decadron injections in my knee and the epidurals every 4 weeks in my thoracic spine or will it cause further damage. I am being switched to Nucynta this week 100 mg 4 times daily. I alrealy am very restless trying to sleep at nite and question can you continue taking Ambien 10 mg. to help sleep. It's just alot of questions I have and I want to be able to do things I have had to sit back and watch due to the continuous pain and the depressive state and weight gain I have put on. I went from 145lbs. to 207 lbs. and I have Hasimotos Thyroid condition and no matter how hard I diet if you have read about this there is no metabolism and way of burning calories so I know the extra weight does not help my back either. I can gain just looking at food. So long story in short... what is my verdict does it sound like Nucynta will help or should I go ahead and pursue a visit with a neurosurgeon. I am just afraid and have very little confidence in myself now and feel completely alone with this ordeal when noone understands unless they are experiencing it. I used to be a skeptic many years ago thinking a backache was temporary or an excuse, well I know completely different now and get very intimidated when I try to explain the intensity of the pain. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts ??