after being switched to the new oxy op, (you can read that ?). Well, at the time I had also gotten a flu shot, never had one before. Then, I got a cold, which progressivly got way worse. It took me about 12 days to get in to see my dr. (stupid secretarys, I don't think they like me because of the oxy, such a wonderful way to be treated since you have to take it!) So, I saw the dr. last Thurs. He didn't even really exam me but said it must be broncitis (sp?) although, I have never felt this sick with broncitis... I can't stop coughing, so bad I give myself headaches from coughing so hard. My glands in my throat are so soar that it even hurts to touch the outside of my throat. The dr. prescribed the z-pack antibiotic. He also switched my pain meds to avenzia(sp?) but I couldn't get that filled because of prior auth. and no pharmacys around a 45 min. radius had it. That is still work in progress, still waiting to hear back from dr. office. Most of my messages to the dr. take at least 4-5 days at best to get to him. (secretaries !!! ) The dr. told me to always say that he is expecting my call. Then... on Friday night, I was shutting the back of my large suv hatch (it's a big jeep commander) and I have to jump up a little to shut it cause I'm too short so I jumped up to grap it and pulled it down and sliced my head open with it. I ended up with 11 stitches in my head. Now on top of everything else I have such a terrible headache!!! How much more can one person take? I am so sick and tired of this... I don't mean to be a whiner but wtf??? I also was prescribed another kind of antibiotic at the er. Why are any of these antibiotics making me feel any better at all? I am feeling worse not better. Any suggestions and or encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks to all my friends on here, it means a lot.