I have been taking Sub for about a year. I would say I average 1-2gm a day.  But, two weeks ago, I hurt my back badly.  The Dr's increased my sub to as much as 8 mg every 8 hrs.  I may have taken a total of 8mgs a day for the first two days and then about 4mgs a day for about five days, I then tried to go down to 3 mgs.  I did it but I have had bad leg cramps every day.  Yesterday I think I only took 2mg. Today I have only taken one so far. In two days I will be havings my knee replaced.  I am afraid that they will not give me the correct kind or amount of pain medication.  I will see my Dr tomorrow, but he honestly doesn't have a clue about how Suboxone works.  Any ideas? I am so sick of pain. Thx, Harmony