All of my blood work came back normal. The only area of concern is I am at the beginning stages of hypothyroidism and he has put me on a low dose of Levothyroxin.
I can't explain my feelings right now. I do not understand how I can be feeling the pain I have been in and there not be anything to register.
I can only surmise that I am going through Fibro flare ups and have been experiencing medications giving me terrible side effects.
I have dropped my subs dose down to 2mg and will continue to get this out of my system. I have almost gotten the Amitriptyline out. I will hold off on getting off of the Savella until after I see the Neurologist on 1/5. I think the only way to find out if this is disease or med reaction is to get off of all meds and start anew. I am also increasing my vitamin intake and adjusting my diet.

Thanks for everyone's support. I truly appreciate it.