First i want to start off by saying Thank You to everyone who is brave enough to share there stories to help others going through the same thing. I am six months pregnant and have been struggling with addiction even before i was pregnant. Throughout my pregnency i started out being on methadone and oxycotin i got off the methadone and stayed on oxy and roxy's for about a month i recently switched over to suboxone and am doing... ok. i feel ok but i am making myself crazy wondering what will happen in the hospital. I have been truthful with my doctor the whole time and she is proud of my that i got off of the drugs i am hoping to get off of suboxone before i go into labor. My main problem is that i am not perscribed any of the meds by a doctor i have been getting it off the streets. I live in florida and have been trying to find the laws about my situation, but have not had any luck. My main concern is that i will have the baby taken that is why i want to get completly clean, but i dont know if that will be enough all the addiction doctors i talk to just keep saying go to the methadone clinic, but i refuse to be dosed up to 100 mg of methadone and have my baby through the withdrawls. like i said my obgyn is completely aware of my situation and hasnt said anything about cps being contacted. If anyone can direct me in the right direction or has any comments or advise PLEASE PLEASE HELP... ASAP Thanks again i am glad to know i am not alone.