I'VE BEEN RELEASED The reason is because I was told to go see the nuero dr and see what he said about my seizures THAT I had after not having any for 18 mos. Well when I started going to that pm dr I took all my records into them telling them about my seizures and what causes them etc... I told this to my pm dr (pa) and she said I still had to go so I lied and said I did. but then went in 4 days later to him, Well that dr. Says it's the meds that caused it like I told him had all test to discover what was causing my seizures it's not meds cause had seizures long before ever took those meds. So long story short I was released because they say they can't trust me. Don't I have the right to refuse to see a dr. When i've told THEM what causes my seizures all they had to do is read the records which I know they most likely never did. Can't I go to a neuro dr. I want and not one they tell me I have to see... If I can check out of an er ama why can't I do ama when they say go see this dr. It's my right to pick my dr not theirs. Do I have any grounds to stand on cause they now say they are going to put me through detox I have chronic severe back pain been on fentanyl 100 and tramadol for 5 yrs and only thing that makes it so I can even walk, stand, sit even just been a human without crying in pain all day. They had my records with what causes my seizures so can't I use that to my defense and that I never in the 2 yrs with their clinic I never done anything wrong never seen another dr even for a cold because of the agreement I signed, never took anything without calling the office first, never did one thing wrong do I have any grounds??? Help I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO SHOULD I SEEK A NEW DR. BUT RELEASE THEM FIRST? I JUST KNOW THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 20 YRS I'M A PERSON AND CAN LIVE AND DO THINGS NOT JUST SIT AND CRY CAUSE I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN. BUT THEY WONT LET ME STAY AT THEIR CLINIC SO WHAT DO I DO??? HELP