I have had back problems forever. I'm 32 and I just got new symptoms, numbness in my left arm and severe cramping/burning/numbness in my right arm. (worse at night when i lay down and extreme once i wake up) I went for an MRI and here are the impressions..

*Reversal of cervical lordosis, Degenerative disk disease, C4-C6 posterior disk protrusion with mesurement of approx 3mm, mild to moderate spinal stenosis, bilateral foraminal stenosis, fissure of anulus fibrosis and mild impingement of the left c6 nerve root at the left neural canal.
What does that mean?

What controls numbness? I mean is there such a drug, i dont know. I take 50mg ultram every four hours all day and night.(because my insurance wont pay for the ex-release ultram) and 5mg baclofen every 6 hours, I have to wake up to take it because if I don't I wake up screaming.I am taking about 10mg percocet in the mornings and 5mg at night before bed. This is rediculous.

I see a pain new specialist on tuesday. New clinic since I just moved here, I have had several medial branch blocks and a radio frequency neurotomy because of DDD and osteoarthritus. They were successful until this happenend. I also have t-spine problems.
Thanks for your help..