I am crying screaming hating,u name it,taper is getting really bad.cut all meds in 1/2 yesterday added 5 mgs valium with the 3 doses am mid day ,evening ,bed have I soma I Valium ..in total that is 20 mg. Valium... yesterday and half of all the others so I am down from 200 mgs ultram per day to 75 mgs per day 1/2 of hydro 10/325 3xday and 1/2 soma 350 mg except at nitewhen I took It with Valium to sleep.I know what I sound like but hey I need some input here I never take Valium you would think I would be passed out cold ,no just nuts! I do not want subs!.I am without the husband thank god so it's me and 3 cats and some neighbors that I have to blow off.you know I luv my friends here and I hate reading " no sense posts "so I apologize if that is what this is,not really laughing,Criss