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I am ready to stop taking Vicodin!

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Psychmajor 18 Jan 2010

some more info on your vicodin addiction would be best. such as how much, how often, is it prescribed or street, do you control how much you take and are just physically and psychologicly dependant or can you not control how much you take. another very good thing would be how this started, was it a result of depression/anxiety/other mental disorder/ physical disorder. (i would go further for therapy but i almost forgot i wasnt doing a session with some one lol)

letgo 19 Jan 2010

I take 3-4 a day if i have them..been taking like this for almost four years. Started out for back pain..then it was just like taking a vitamin with my coffee in a.m. there have been times i have not had them..a day or two i got really bad headache..felt like my body was beaten. i dont have time to take off work am afraid if i just quit i will not be able to function. i have read alot on here and most people seem to be taking
LOTS more than me, but being that i have been doin this for years i feel it is the same... these have been taken prescribed and also "borrowed" here and there along the way..i know when i get low i am already thinking how i will get the next pill. That is why i am here, i know if i am thinking this way i am dependent.

Psychmajor 19 Jan 2010

your right definatly dependancy signs... the Thomas recipie is something alot of people use or you can taper 1/2 a pill every 3-5 days. its hard to say if you will be able to do work or not but i think you may want to make quiting a priority if your just using this just because you can

swalker19 19 Jan 2010

I am also in the same situation except oxycontin has been in the mix. I started taking pain killers for recreation but also had a short run with heroin. This has been going on for 3 years and now I just got.into. an accident and am back on norco and oxycontin. I am going to college so I also have no time to waste but would like to stop as well. I think one of the best things is support from others which I could use at this time as I. Have cut.down from 6 norcos and 1 10mg oxy a day to 3 and ahalf and this is my second day. Any advise or help would be great. And what is the easiest way and least painful way to wean oneself off. I'm new to this online support thing so any advise would be cool.

letgo 20 Jan 2010

what is the thomas that people talk about, and when a person stops taking vicodin, what is used for the pain? I still have major back issues,i still have to work. Getting up in the morning is sometimes hard, motrin kills my stomach. lost 60 pounds to help with some of the problem, would love to have a cup of coffee without the "vitamin" to go along with it someday soon!!! :O)

Psychmajor 20 Jan 2010

Suboxone/subutex/methadone are all non-high producing pain killers (they are also meds to help with stopping opiate withdrawal since they bind to the same receptors). uh benzodiazepines can help with pain/spasms but i dont think doctors prescribe those much (tramadol is a synthetic opiate but can become addictive if taken improperly)

letgo 20 Jan 2010

what about something over the counter..a combination of something? and the thomas recipe? what is it

letgo 22 Jan 2010

you have given me much to look into..i appreciate it so much. I will be out of town on business for a few days..would like to have your email address,if that is ok?
again thanks... free discount card

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