It is rough to come of of all 3. I got to 100 of each one in 3 days. For the last 5 years of it. Which was Xanax, vicodin, soma. Spread out randomly through my day. My doctor has me on barbitol and clonidine. And a vomiting pills and sleeping pills and ibuprofen. I go in his office every day at 2:00 and he checks my heart rate and runs me out as fast as I got in. But I think after a full 8 days now on these withdraw pills it would either be over or he would lower my dose and maybe change it up. Am I wrong to ask him for Valium instead of these other things? Cause I think im almost done in the mornings then in the afternoon, bamm, the symptoms spike to their peak. I just want it to end and my body doesn't like these other drugs anymore. I think a lower dose of something that I have taken in the past and not grabbed an addiction to is not to much to ask for. Right?