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I am perscribed pain meds and anxiety meds I have no insurance where can I gt help/?

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dmfdjttor57 3 Sep 2010

Well, first of all, do you have a job? If so, and you make decent money, but have no insurance, there are a number of things you can try. There are clinics that offer help to people on a sliding scale, and if you already have prescriptions, you can sometimes get them at these clinics for $5 or nothing, if you have nothing to pay. You have to check around for these places. You can also contact the Pharmeceutical Company that makes the drug you need help paying for and oftentimes they will help you to get your meds for free or for a very low cost. If you are not working, you are entitled to Public Assistance and should be able to get on Medicaid, which would pay for your doctors, meds, any tests ordered by doctors, give you a small stipend (around $300 a month) and food stamps. To do that, just find your local CSO/Public Assistance/Welfare, it may be called different things in different states, but go into the office and apply for help for medical, money and food stamps.

melissahope13 11 Jul 2011

That is true about sliding scale places, if you only make a certain amount you can qualify for those programs.

RSDHurtzme 5 Sep 2010

Everything the 1st person who answered is correct. I also wanted to mention a few sites if you have little to no income whether you meet the poverty level or not. Try, and a state sponsored program that may be available to you or at least give to you some good information just for your state is

melissahope13 11 Jul 2011

Try going to the Health Department. They have certain programs & such that help people with no money or no insurance. Also ask them for phone numbers to places that help with prescribtion plans. Do you work? If not you know you can get S.S.I for Anxiety & Panic Attacks & stuff along that line. I am on S.S.I for a few things such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks & A bad epidoral when I had my Daughter messed my back up real bad, but I know several people who just have Anxiety and got awarded S.S.I, give it a shot, dont hurt to try. If you do have work & do not want to try to get S.S.I, there are always Insurances that you can buy, like $1 a month & so on. Do a search on your computer. free discount card

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