I am now out of hydrocodone.The hospital only gave me 12 pills and said use them only when needed(PRN).I haven't took but maybe 1 or 2 pills every 2 or 3 days.So I am not ADDICTED to them nor do I ABUSE them.I would just like to say.What do I do know??The hospital gave me enough pills to last me to make a doctors appointment but they never really told me how to go about getting more of them.They just said that.I would have to "make a follow-up appointment" as soon as I got out of the hospital.I mean please any help here.Do you think.I could just go to my Primary Care Physician and he would prescribe them.I have been seeing him my whole life ever since I was a baby but I have never asked the man for pain pills.The HOSPITAL didn't tell me a word.No advice.No aftercare treatment options.They just told me to loose weight and didn't even do nothing about my foot pain.So where do I go from here.I feel as though I am at a DEAD END.I am near 300lbs and I am SADLY saying this.I cannot live without those pills as of this moment because I am too much overweight and until I lose a substantial amount of weight.I will not stop taking them.It is the only medication that helps succesfully treat my severe back pain.One other thing too is.It is on the weaker side of the pain medications.So not as ADDICTING.I just want to know where I go about getting more.I don't want to go through OPIATE WD.I really need my drugs.com family right now.PM me if you have any further questions.I will give out some of my medical information but only enough for you to know what I am experiencing.