I am getting pins and needles through out my whole body. I have been tapered down to 2 mgs. of suboxone and took 4 mgs. today (which I do sometimes if I get that horrible feeling like I need it). I am trying to get off the stuff completely-harder than I thought... but thats not the issue right now or is it?? I have been getting pins and needles sensations through out my whole body ALL day today. This happens about once every other month. Today my tongue also had it. THAT has gone away. I do have a LOT of stress going on in my life but clonezpam, (.5 mg prn) helps with that. I ate a banana, some soup and also some oatmeal being as I went to the hospital once because I had this same problem but I also had very, VERY low blood pressure accompanied with lovely **PVC's** (Think that is the term). My husband is a nurse and took me to his hospital - hooked me up to a monitor and I could call the PVCs right before they showed on the monitor. They felt like contractions. I have NOT had them since that day. I am known for having low potassium as well. I took my potassium supps. today too and some B-12. My blood pressure is normal and I do not have a headache or anything..i do NOT feel weak but as SOON as i stand up i have the pins and needles. It is driving me NUTS. I do NOT have health insurance anymore being as all the LPN's at my husbands work, (he was there for 7 years) were let go because they are making the hospital an all RN hospital. He is working but I wont have coverage until another 2 and a half months. Going to the ER is OUT of the question. I don't want to worry my husband too much though because he worked on a cardiac floor and always thinks STROKE. Yes..i am at high risk being as I am a smoker. I stopped taking stupid pain killers over a year ago and just take like i said, suboxone (should have quit cold turkey-highly addictive med) and clonezpam as needed. I know i should see a neurologist and should have back when i was having the PVC's... well..should have seen a Cardiac Dr., too but I am not too great at taking care of myself... i take care of my beautiful kids and husband... i come last... thats just how i am. Help..today i am very scared and I don't get scared like this often... please... no smartie comments... if you can't offer advice then please don't reply back with some sort of stupid smart *** answer. I have seen that WAY too often. Stats-36 years old female- average weight-smoker (half pack a day)... no alcohol..eat regularly, etc..