... may have something it doesn't mix well with. Pain is my worst problem but anxiety and loss of sleep makes this worse. No sleep causes pain and pain causes no sleep. Same w/anxiety.
I take 50mgs of methadone,25mgs of hydroxyzine pam, 1200mgs of gabapentin,4mgs of ativan and now 10mgs of propanolol. I also have athsma and occaisonally have to take acouple of puffs of albuteral inhaler.-1.I would love to know if there are any conflicts w/any of my meds 2.I believe I would be completely fine on the proper amount of methadone and nuerontin. but methadone has my dr. being looked at by police, drugstores, the state and who knows what else. All people who have no idea of my problems or my drs other patients problems. This is also a big problem that has me being switched to all sorts of experimental drugs and treatments which were painful in themselves and most did not work at all. Some only worked for short periods then after going thru a sufficient amount of more med. free pain, had to be readministered. This happpens as I am sent from dr. to dr. as they either quit treating chronic pain or retire. My drs. keep retireing before they are sanctioned. They don't like being told how to treat thier patients. Is anyone else having this problem??? I would like opinions on all problems mentioned. I HAVE STRUGGLED W/CHRONIC PAIN ALL MY LIFE AND I'M FURIOUS MY DR. S AND I AM UNDER SCUTINiZATION BECAUSE OF THIS! I realize the addiction problem is bad but I have had back surgery and have MRI's to prove more. I also live in constant fear of withdrawl because someone has stolen my meds. Thanks, Mad and Still Hurting