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I am on percocet might baclofen help me get off of percocet?

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Inactive 26 Aug 2010

It might help with the muscle spasms, cramps, and sleeplessness, but probably won't help with aches, pain and fatigue. Doctors sometimes use muscle relaxers in conjuction with suboxone to help people get off of opiates. Google the Thomas recipe opiate withdrawal and the COWS sheet. The Thomas recipe is a list of over the counter meds and supplements that help with the various symptoms of withdrawal and there should be a copy of Thomas's journal where he described how he felt each day after quitting opiates. The COWS sheet is the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale, and it is a test that a patient and doctor uses to grade the withdrawal This scale is used in the induction onto suboxone. This is some info that might help you as well. Go to and look for SuboxDoc's channel ( Dr. Jeffrey Junig) and also put suboxone in the search bar there and you should get some info on how it works for different people. You can also go to for answers and a doctor locator. Only those specially licensed can write a prescription for suboxone. You can join the suboxone group here and read posts to see if you might be interested in it. You will have to be in mild to moderate withdrawal with no opiate for 24 hours before you start it, but, you will likely be withdrawal free in 20 to 45 minutes after your first dose. Best of Luck to you, You are in my Prayers. free discount card

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