My doctor prescribed because of high white blood cell count. Thinks its causing the cell count high which is causing the high blood pressure. He sent me to an onocologist and hematologist (cancer and blood) specialist. All tests came up no diseases. They don't know why the white cell count is doing that.
The pills are keeping my blood pressure down and my pulse rate good. When
I don't take them blood pressure goes up and so does my pulse.
I have been sick for a year and doctor won't switch medications. I'm sick all
the time nauseated, dizzy, muscle cramps and when I walk I can only go so
far--my legs feel like theres weights on them. I stoop over and them I'm dizzy and nauseated. The more I do the worse I feel. I don't know what to do???
Anybody else with something happening to them I'd sure like some input.