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I am on Lamictal... What cold and sinus overthecowner medication do I take?

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HPoole 9 Oct 2011

You should be able to take anything. I'm on lamictal and there are no interactions yet known.

pickles503 10 Oct 2011

Hi stephbedlion! After doing a big time search on your question, I found different answers from different sites. Are you taking Klonopin? If you are, otc meds can be a little risky. I know you didn't ask about Klonopin, but I thought I'd tell you just in case. On Lamictal you can take an array of otc could and sinus meds. It's suggested to take these meds at night. I'll be honest with you. I've been medicating with Lamictal for 5 years and have always taken whatever I want. I also take them any time of day. If they upset my stomach, I eat crackers or something substantial that will stick to my guts. If there are adverse reactions, I haven't experienced them. Claritin D works great for me. I'm aware that the sudafed used in this med can cause more energy than normal, but it's worth it to me. It's certainly one that we should carefully consider. However, Lamictal is a mild mood stabilizer that is used also for children. Sometimes I use Breathe-Rite strips, and, man, do they help. The last thing I'd like to say is please ask your Pharmacist about possible interactions you might have. They're educated in this field and can help you a lot. They know what meds your taking and can tell you what you can or can't take. Call your Doc if the pharmacist are unable to help you. God bless you and take care, stephbedlion! Anna free discount card

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