I have been on suboxone for 6 days .when i started at 2mg i felt great that day. The next day i went up to 4 and felt bad . The dr told me to go to 5 also no good.yesterday I went to 2 and felt better. I was also not on drugs for 1+ 1/2 years of percocet. When went on suboxone I was down to 2-3 pills a day. I tried cold turkey 14 days of hell. I went back on pills drs plan low dose another 8 days of hell . We decieded to try suboxone . I think to much is not good and now on day 6 im trying to go back to 2. I have been all over the map listening to every blog and just want to stop.I have no cravings.I only felt great 1st day then up and down.as I said I am on day my 2nd day of 2mg and feel better than when they told me to take more.How do I get off this .Any help would be great. I am 46 with a wife and kids and my own business. I dont know how I got here , but im here and I just want my life back