... insurance issues). Now on Beyaz I am noticing the week before my period my mood swings are ridiculous! I feel like a crazy person and my husband is quite frankly scared to talk to me sometimes. Its scary! So I was thinking of going to the generic of Yaz, but the terrifying internet has nothing but bad reviews with one or two good ones inbetween. #1 - I was wondering what the truth was about this being exactly the same drug as Yaz. Will it still prevent pregnancy as well? #2 - Has anyone taken Gianvi and not had a horrible experience? Please don't copy and paste the drug info, I've read it a thousand times. But I still feel confused about it. Is it just the inactive ingredients that are different? But do they then make the pill less effective if the binder isn't the same or the fillers are different? SOrry for the rambling!