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I am on alot of pain meds,i cant go to the potty,3 days what will help break this loose?

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DzooBaby 25 Feb 2011

I take a generic peri colace 3 tabs every night as a stool softener and this helps keep me regular. When it doesnt I take Miralax. Be sure you are drinking a lot of water and eating a high fiber diet. Sometimes I will eat a high fiber cereal like bran flakes and that is sufficient to get me going. I try to get a bit of exercise every day too. Sometimes an enema can work too-just a Fleet enema from the drug store-use as directed.

Nik.Nikita 7 Mar 2011

A drug store fleets enema works pretty well and is fairly safe, also glycerin suppositories . Drink plenty of fluids, try some coffee in the mornings, it's usually all I ever need. but when it doesn't work, I use the fleets. Good Luck with that, it's a miserable feeling to have and also makes a person sick and sometimes even with fever. NIK

smileyhappy 25 Feb 2011

Hi simplysmart,
I could really get constipated if I didn't take colace and sennoside every night. The colace softens your stool and the sennoside help you go. My meds constipate me real easy. You could try prunes or prune juice that works well some time. Make sure you dring alot of water and exercise helps. Zoo baby has great suggestions. smiley happy

falcore1 25 Feb 2011

My Dr always had me take Miralax and or colace. Miralax worked good for me, but may take a day to work.

brenda fain 27 Feb 2011

marilax works the best i've found ! meds or worse on us who take them daily but thank God their is relief for us !

ElizaJane23 27 Feb 2011

For an occasional case of constipation, drink a bottle of Citrate of Magnesia, along with lots and lots of water. Don't plan to go anywhere for awhile - it can work very well! free discount card

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