I am trying to get off of Xanax by tapering today I am taking 2 instead of 3, I am going to stop taking Ambien and I have already stopped the antidepressant. My plan is to get down to 2 mg Suboxone, and I have Seroquel 100mg if I need it to sleep.
I was taking Oxycotin 240 mg per day or more and Somas, and anything else I could get at the time. I would relapse on Oxycotin when I had money to buy it and then be back to square one.
My brother went to rehab Passages in Malibu and he came back great.
I just dont have the money to go so I want to kick this with my sister's help and then if I am able to afford this rehab go to it.
I feel anxiety, sweats, nausea/vomit, bones ache, u name it its awful! Any advice.
Thank u.
Jenn from California