I had a double, low back spinal fusion in April. One surgery through stomach and one through back 2 days later or vice versa. 6 days after the 2nd surgery I had 4 open sores of staph appear on my back incision. I had a picc line put in, and 2 days after the 1st IV antibiotic, my back was swollen and sore and was sent to my referring back specialist (he doesn't do fusions, because of the hospital setup). He ran his hands down my back and nasty, yellow fluid flowed, covering him and me. He called the surgeon, who promptly told me to get to the hospital where he was, which is 2 hours away. Unfortunately, we were 5 minutes later than they could hold the OR for me, so I went to the other hospital he does surgery in, and the next morning, had my back opened, and scraped out, dead skin cut away and ended up on IV antibiotics for the next 7-8 weeks. I am unable to sleep soundly, part due to pain and part to trying to find a comfortable position. I was at my surgeons, 3 days ago and they changed part of my meds, I now have lortab 5/500's, Ambien for sleep, Lyrica 3 X's a day and amrix at night to see how it works. I believe I have become so sleep deprived that it is making it impossible to drive anywhere, as I can feel this strange feeling start to wash over me and know if I don't pull over, I'll fall asleep. And now I am suffering from nasty bouts of depression.
I went to my regular dr. yesterday and told her the whole works, she knew what meds I'm on and prescribed amitriptyline for me at night, as she's sure it's all caused from depression. I know it could be, but I believe not sleeping very great for6-8 months is probably the cause of the sleep problem and the depression. The only meds I've been taking are, the lyrica at night and once during the day, until I could see how the extra daytime dose would affect me. I've taken the amrix 2x's, I took one Ambien last night.
I'm afraid to take them all together after reading the interactions here, even though they compare them 2 at a time. I need to know if I dare take all of them at night as prescribed.
After, everything I've been through I'll be darned if I'm going out on an overdose. Can someone help me? I guess I can call a pharmacist and ask, as drs. don't seem to really want to listen anymore.