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I am on 50 mg of trazodone and have ringing in my ears does anyone eles experience this?

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duckski 25 Jun 2011

Hi Jaime,
I started out on 50mg of Trazadone as well, without any ringing sensation. My Dr. Told me that this med is extremely safe, with minor complications, I am now at 150mg per night for sleep, it seems to work great. I guess the best direction would be to let your Dr. Know about this occurrence and take it from there.


Anonymous 25 Jun 2011

Hi jaime2285,
I did a little research on Trazadone, and did not see Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears as a side effect. But that doesn't mean that your tinnitus is not caused by Trazadone.
You may want to call your chemist/pharmacist about this unpleasant side effect you are having.
Are you on any other medications? If so, would you mind listing them, perhaps if you are on other meds, it may be caused by one of them.
I get tinnitus from water in my ears, just thought I'd share that with you. There are many reasons for tinnitus, you may want to google it. Even taking aspirin can cause this.
Best wishes to you,

Anonymous 25 Jun 2011

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Anonymous 25 Jun 2011

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Anonymous 25 Jun 2011

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