... results like i did when i first start taking the medication. aand it seems like i am alwwys hungry. by the way that is the brand not generic. my pdoc just put me on 10mg ir adderall for later in the day but it is generic. will this help me to get back the good results like i had whenn i first started taking the med. and what can you eat while on adderall i have heard you can not have any thing with citric acid in it or veggies. i do eat protien and that is ok but need other things to eat. trying to lose weight as well. that is not why i am on adderall. i do have add. please help just want to be more focuss and have more energy. i am paying a lot of money each month for meds. the brand only. have heard that generic xr adderall do not work. were i live they only carry Barr adderall xr. thank you