H guys. I have been reading the posts here the past few days too get a feel on the support at this forum. You all seem very nice and caring. Anyway, I have been on Methadone matience for 8 years now,I am 35 female down too 30 mil and stable on that for 3 of the years. I have also been clean from all drugs for these 8 years, have a job, own a home a car.
Just recently my clinic has the Suboxone program. I am going too make the switch in a week or so and am scared too death of the 3 days cold turkey in between. I need advice, should I go into a 3-4 day detox program before? Or Will I be OK home and detoxing cold for 3 days? Will the Doc prescribe clonidine (blood pressure med that helps with withdrawal) and trazadone? Should I ask? I am scared crapless and need advice. Thanks so much.