severe panic attacks hit me at the age of 23. Attivan first, then you name it, I have probably been on it.

Now, my biggest problem seems to be severe depression and the anxiety and panic has subsided. However, I don't go many places or do much either.

Is there anyone out there that has taken a medication that actually made them feel "GOOD" and not just eliminated the worst symptoms of depression? (crying, sleeping too much, lack of enthusiasm, etc.)

With all the "uppers" I take I can't understand why I still feel "Blah" and unmotivated most of the time -- to do ANYTHING. I now take Zoloft 100 mgs and Welbutrin 225 mgs per day. Am I supposed to be happy? I sometimes feel like I am just waiting to die. I can barely care for my home or myself.I live alone.

One pleasure I used to have was sex, but that was taken from me long ago by the drugs. My Doc. said 75% of people over 55 have sexual side effects from SSRI's, shrugged and said something like "Oh Well." The Welbutrin should counteract the SSRI. Not for me. He knows but seems unable to help.

I have been to many psychiatrists and this one I am staying with, so please don't reccommend running to another. I even take Adderral in small extended release form, but I can still usually sleep all right. Occasionally, I will take a OTC Unisom to sleep.

I would really appreciate any input on a drug for depression that actually works.