She got an ear infection before about 1 and half month ago and Dr. gave her an Antibiotic 40 ml. She had it and got better for about 1 week. Then the snotty, runny nose and cough in phelgm continue on for more than a month now. We went to see Dr. again yesterday, he said her right ear still red and wet. This time he gave us E-Mycin 200. ..200 ml and another repeat so together she has to take 400 ml. (5 ml 3 time a day) That will be a month to finish it all!!! And I been reading that Antibiotic not really should be taken. So I do not yet give it to her until I sure that will be good to her health. She is still active, fussy eater..but keep on wipping her runny nose all day, sneezing and Cough... for over a month now non stop. Should she take E-Mycin? Isn't it too much? I am worry a lot because last time she took it only 40 ml /3 time a day (1.5 ml each time) she got better one week and then long-lasting that because the Antibiotic kill good bacteria so she get more sick..Thanks