14th July , 2011 : I am male 57 years from India .I have had compression in my lumbar area for L4-L5 and L5 S1- Took a epidural Root block as well - which gave me absolute relief for two months - I also have severe compression in my knees where the gap has reduced . So i am not sure what is contributing to the pain. A relative - A physiotherapist suggested ' Lumbar Traction ' and another Physiotherapist suggested ' IFT ' - Interferential Therapy in addition to Lumbar. This will be started today evening I am looking for relief for pain at night as well as unable to get up or sit down on the chair- all this has affected my life style, hope all this helps .. Can anyone help me with a guidance if KRT = Knee Replapcement / Spinal Surgery or Non invasive methods like lumbar traction / tracktion for knees- WHAT COULD BE BEST- one of them / all or which in a particular order