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I am not on sub therapy, I have taken 2mg sub 9 hrs long till I can take opiates and still?

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Jillynnie 12 Oct 2011

Hi and welcome to the site. You did not finish your question. How long until what?
And, what is your goal? Are you trying to get off of opiates?

More info would help.

Best of luck,

Coby416 12 Oct 2011

Not sure why you took the sub? Was you out of your Opiates and wanted to prevent witdrawals? Is it working? Do you want to continue with subs or was this just until you had Opiates? In my case awhile back I took 4 mgs of subs and the next day took Oxycotins and they felt like they normally did. If you took the 2mgs of sub to keep away withdrawals then it should last 24 hours before you feel sick. It was that way for me, depends on your opiate usage. You say how long till you can take opiates and still?? Still what? Still not get sick? I would wait until 24 hours or as long as you can. I do not know for sure what the down time is, I have heard 24 to 36 hours. I know for me it was the next day.
Good luck

hooked48 12 Oct 2011

thanks answered my ? ..i ran out of opiates and a friend gave me sub to keep me from worked but i just dont like the sensation of sub..i amgoing for treatment next month and im just trying to keep from getting sick till i go..thanks so much

Coby416 12 Oct 2011

Good luck to you. If you want off the opiates it is one alternative. Personally i do not like them either but they do work. I just wanted out of the life of the PIlls. It got tot he point that is was on my mind everyday. How many do i left, when is my next refill. I just had to make a change.
i wish you the best of luck

Inactive 12 Oct 2011

Hi Hooked,
Have you considered Subutex? It may not make you ill, tis an idea.
What say you guys? Would subutex help?
sweet lemon

Coby416 12 Oct 2011

Well it might help but he has to make the discision. He only tried the sub for one day. Plus he still has opiates in his system. It will make you feel different. The mind set is the most important step. I think he is going to make the next step. If so, he can tell Dr about the sub and he may say give it more time or to try subutex. Either way, I think he will feel better soon rather then later and be free of the pain pills.
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