... throat culture for strep and sent it off because after my 2nd antibiotic, I was still sick. My father, who passed away in June, had MRSA and I cared for him quite extensively for the last year & half of his life. I am thinking this is where I got it. His was hospital acquired mrsa. Does this make mine hospital acquired or community acquired? Also, I am just now finishing my 2 wk regimine of Bactrim for the strep/mrsa and the strep throat is gone and I am feeling fine except that everyday, off and on I run a fever of no more than 100. Just enough to make me feel crappy, ya know? Does this mean the mrsa is not yet colonized? This is all so new to me and I haven't found a lot of really good info out there on the subject. My husband is also concerned about kissing me and sexual relations. Any help you can pass my way would be SO greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, EvaAlveyMorse. :>)