are people out there that are hurting asuch as I am. Well unfortunately it is a new year, and I have my deductable to pay before I can get the treatments that really do help. I was refered to a great pain clinic they were the first Dr.'s to notice that I was a drug addict, rather than writing more scripts for stronger drugs.I detoxed last January off of a ten year addiction to the pain meds, and they put me on Suboxone for the low back pain, I know that it is for getting off of opiods, but researchers have found that it is a great pain med. to. I am currently taking 48 mg. a day, but in the last 2 months the Suboxone does not relieve the pain as well, right when the new year started, I was out of options, so unfortunately I had to go back on pain meds, my Dr.'s put me on Nucynta, anyone taking that? it is new to me, so far it is working well. I weeped over going back to hell, but I also can not live with the pain. My wife has taken control of my meds so hopfully I can keep it under control. Anyone stuck in the same position?