... I really have no one I can talk to or trust. My chronic physical and emotional pain caused me to become a serious addict but I've been through all kinds of treatment for this. I still struggle with chronic pain. I had rotator cuff surgery 3 years ago (not a good job) and have been hurt and reaggravated my injury. I also have other pain from my neck to the back of my legs. I didn't have medical insurance and now I have Medi-cal.I got on methadone almost 4yrs ago but I'm so sick of having to go to 5the clinic 4 days a week, the short hours and other hoops they make you jump through. Plus my body got used to it a long time ago and I don't want to take some ungodly high dose. Most dr. contact is in ER or cheap clinic. Once they hear that I was a drug addict they instantly don't believe that I'm anything but a drug seeker. Painkillers like vicodin don't do anything to help me. But telling a Dr you have too high a drug tolerance is defeating the whole point of even bothering. I feel so much shame when I just need help