... 38 yrs old and i am on 300 mg seroquel at bedtime and when i wake up i feel that it is too high of a dose still sometimes like now i cant sleep so they give 150mg trazadone i was given the wrong medication 4 yrs ago that left me disabled with severe RA anyone probably would be a tad bit upset so i can understand why they needed to knock me out at that time. I wasnt ready to be done yet.when you are going 90 mph and hit a brick wall its a life changing event to say the least. and it was the mistake of the doctor that would not agree that i had ra because he felt i was too young so they all failed to mention that a person with ra can suffer severe side effects when put on interferon. My GI saw me at a two month check up and i couldnt brush my own hair my hands were useless and the size of balloons so she took me off of it, she actually called me at my home and told me that she respected the fact that i wasnt giving up she also explained that she was sorry and she was praying that he didnt"mess me up for good" she said well i bet he will believe you have RA now.She told me that she had just put in a call to him and sent him a letter with her opinion on the whole situation, she kept saying sorry??? ME TOO! there is also six other meds they put me on. my tolerance is so high now that my pain meds sometimes wont even help i know that we are not supposed to self medicate we are not doctors but i dont like sleeping 18 hours a day so i quit taking the morning ones but i am still awake and i took the150mg trazadone plus the 300mg seroquel and a valium and it is 2:00am last time my husband got so mad because that amount should be enough to knock out a horse so he rushes me to the doctor where he learned the word manic. so i will try to be asleep before he gets up dont want to be manic again and have them medicate me more.
i know that this is a pretty long question but i really need some advice oe comment i cant be the only one out there going thru this. thank you for reading