Long term, chronic back pain due to 2 herniated discs. In Sept., I was in an accident and shattered 2 vertebrae in my low spine. Bone fragments entered the spinal canal and were putting pressure on my spinal cord. I can walk but have nerve damage as well. Very complicated 6 hour surgery. I've had muscle loss and the hardware is pushing on my back. I need additional surgery to remove some (not all) of the hardware. I can not have this surgery until the grafts and vertebrae(s) are completely healed. What I noticed in the pain forum is a lot of people asking about meds because they either need to pass a drug test or to find out how to get the best high. One question was about crushing Oxycontin and if that was ok to do!! Does anyone else notice this? By the way, since I had been under the care of a specialist for years, (kept putting off surgery) but had to keep increasing dosages. So with this injury, I now have to take MS Contin (slow release) and Percocet for breakthrough pain. People even ask "How do you get these prescriptions?" I find it very irritating! How about you? Any way to block these types of stupid questions?