Suboxone wd: I am New to this forum and see alot of you out there are going through the same crap .
Brief back round. Been a Morphine user for 9-10 years and was on Methadone for 6 of those years. Got down from 45mgs to 20mgs of done to start suboxone. I Attempted withdrawal (for suboxone) 2 days but after 1.5 days I had a hit of 60mg Morphine to ease wd pain, then 19 hours later started Suboxone treatment of 2mg x 3 Tabs a day. Now on my third day of subox treatment, dosed 6 hours ago.
I am still feeling wd.
Question is: Should I take a little more Subox or has the blast of Morphine mucked the hole Suboxone thing up. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks