i have noticed that i feel like i'm mad at the world !but i'm not really !i'm on new meds for a month now i've been on the fentanyl patch 75 mcg and oxy's 15 mg and just got my fentanyl citrated filled (sorts a sucker like pill).

i don't like feeling angry or mad at everything ! as i'm pretty much a happy go lucky person ,i'm wondering if my meds could be causing these feelings !i am a chronic pain suffer and i have fibromyalgia .could i be depressed ?

as for my pain it has gotten some better since they have changed my meds ! of course 3 back surgeries in about and month and knowing i'm facing another hernia surgery does take its toll on a person ! but still i want to feel my happy go lucky self again ! please any advise is welcome !thank you and God bless!