5 years ago I had lumbar fusion L1 to S1 with hardware and have severe nerve root damage. My feet are constantly numb and painful and left leg is numb and very weak with severe left hip pain. I am on oxycotin 60mg every 12hr. oxycodone 15mg every 8 for breakthru as needed, topomax 150 mg for nerve pain, bacoflen for muscle relaxer 10 mg. every 8 hrs. I get transforimainal steroid injections as often as allowed for relief that last approx. 2 weeks. I have reduced oxycotin to 80mg. a day to reduce the grogginess but the pain keeps me in bed anyway. I lay on ice packs at least 70% of the day and go to be with them at night. I want off the oxy and need help with pain relief. Anyone out there have any suggestions please!!!