I have Addisons Disease, and A few months ago, one of the members sent two links (I don't remember if it was to me or to someone in my Addisons group) to go and read the best information about this. I wrote down the links and accessed them at the time. I went back tonight and neither link works. I can't remember which member it was. I'm thinking maybe bucky1 or cheersrichard, but I'm just not sure and they and their info are not available. One of the addresses is here at DC, but it won't take me there. It says something about not being right or having been removed. It is a specific address, not the one that takes you to a google page. The other one says: http://endocrine.niddk.nih.gov/pubs/addison/addison.html#special. I just can't access it and I've tried changing it a little and nothing works. This particular address has a very good, detailed explanation that I need to take to my Doctor. If anyone should know the address or the person who listed that address as well as the DC one, knows it, would you please let me know. I have to go next week to doc, and I really need these two particular articles. They have, by far, the best info I've ever had on Addisons. Thank you so much for your time. I would appreciate it very much if someone has an answer for me. God bless... beanmarie *****I noticed when I previewed this question, the one address came up blue, which usually indicates that it is a good address and you can just click on it to get there, doesn't it?