... Doctor giving methadone for chronic pain,I had my appointment with him yesterday. It was to be the day I asked for real meds for breakthrough pain. The first time he gave me Diflonac, which is an antiinflamority. I never filled it. The next month (March) he gave me some samples of Lyrica. The side effects outwieghed the benifits. Well I went and saw him and just directly asked him for an opiate pain med. for the breakthrough pain. I know that you can not get " high" while being on methadone, but that was not what I was thinking. My ex hubby sent me some oxycodone (30) mgs. and it did help. Well anyhow he offered ultram which I knew would put me in withdrawal. He did not even know that much!. So he ended up giving yet another prescription called pregentin (spelling) is not right but I didn't fill that either. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it! Thanks Fall Queen