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I am jody they would like for me to take cymbalta 30mg. I am scard?

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Marvell 11 Oct 2009

Try the forum. I'm sure you'll get lots of support there.

Post Accident 17 Oct 2009

My answer is both positive and negative regarding Cymbalta.

I was terribly depressed after a motorcycle accident because all doctors agreed my significant shoulder/back pain would never go away. Cried daily and was suicidal. Began Cymbalta and within a week my entire outlook changed. No longer cried and was no longer suicidal. Stayed on Cymbalta at 60 mg for over 4 years with no ups or downs emotionally. I had experienced some side effects when I began the medication -- but I was on so many other medications I was never sure what drug was causing what symptoms. It is certain, however, that Cymbalta caused my extreme dry mouth, sweating, and jaw clenching. All of which seemed like a small price to pay for emotional balance.

But then 60 days ago, I decided I didn't want to take depression medications anymore and began tapering off the Cymbalta very very slowly. Seven days ago the symptoms hit: extreme nausea, cold sweats, hot flashes, motion sickness, etc. If I had known this was the long-term price for taking Cymbalta, I'm not sure whether I would have taken the drug or not. free discount card

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