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I am intereted in knowing how the medication is released from the capsule and when?

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Thor283 23 Oct 2011

Well Lyn, this may vary depending on which drug it is. And you didn't give any details. When people don't explain their questions in details, I noticed it's not uncommon to get no answers.

Ever hear of Stomach acid? The stuff that breaks down the foods we eat. Do you know what I'm talking about? That acid dissolves the capsules and the contents come out. Some pills are meant to open in the stomach, and others further down.

Is this what you wanted to hear?

lyndak10 25 Oct 2011

Sorry, I thought I was on a site specific to the drug. I take a time released Tegretol pill and the capsule does not disolve. There is a hole in the middle of the capsule and I know that this is where the medication is released from. I am just not clear as to when/how it is released in to the body.

Thor283 25 Oct 2011

Hi Lyn,

No, unfortunately this isn't a Tegretol web site. But maybe they have one. Did you try putting Tegretol into google? Or first get the name of the manufacturer of Tegretol and then do a search for them. Most Pharmaceutical companies have a web site nowadays.

I am wondering if you take Tegretol for a seizure disorder, and if you're having problems with the time res,eased version of Tegretol? I ask because I have a friend who has been on Immediate Release Tegretol for over 20 years. A few years ago her doc's insisted she try the Time release. Tegretol has controlled her seizures best out of everything, but she still get a few. She tried the Time release pill and it didn't help her very much. She told me she had more seizures on it. So she called her doc's and demanded they give her the IR Teg. If something like this is happening to you, demand to be put back on the regular Tegretol.

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