I have used Suboxone many times in the past to get off of heroin use. In the past, I would take one pill per day for 3 days and I would be fine. I have been using more lately (about a gram a day) and I don't think this will work for me anymore. I have to get off heroin now to avoid going to prison or losing my job... or both. About 2 weeks ago, I took a suboxone about 12 hours after my last heroin use. I got violently ill. I was vomiting nonstop... and I had nothing to throw up, so I was dry-heaving. I had the usual withdrawal symptoms, cold/hot sweats, restless legs, stomach pain, body aches, etc. It was horrible and I had never experienced this before agter taking suboxone. I had taken in the past the same amount of time after my last use and was fine. I fear that I took the suboxone too soon after my last use now that my tolerance and use is higher. I work 7 days a week and it is very difficult to withdrawal and work, but I know I am going to have to do it. I just need to know any advice anyone may have for me. How long should I wait after using before taking the first pill? Is there anythign i can do in the mean time... between last use and first suboxone to relieve some of the withdrawals? I am so scared of going through what I went through 2 weeks ago again. It was the worst withdrawal of my life. I have been battling this off and on for abotu 4 yrs (done rehab many times, NA, AA, groups, etc.) I am ready to take the suboxone again and get off it now, but I do not want to get violently ill again. Any advice, suggestions, etc you may have would be so very much appreciated, as I am more desperate than ever