... sciatic nerve pain.I have no life due to the pain. I dont go out of the house except for md.appts. I live with sister/brother- law. They are good to me. Without them I would bet homeless. It is even difficult to take care of my self. I have hard time taking showers, rolling my hair, and putting on make-up. I recently had shoulder surgery and I am dealing with that pain as well. 3months ago I broke my foot. My question is life worth living in this condition? I can barely walk and stand for short times. No surgery is available for me as md said it would be life threatening for me. I sit all day in a chair watching tv and sometimes getting on computer. I don't know if I can go on this way much longer. Quantity versus quality?? I have a very high tolerance to pain meds and most md don't want to give me what i need to help with pain. Just started in pain management and put on 30 mg morphine 3x's a day, But need something for break-thru pain. I have hep. C and only 1 kidney. So I can't take any nsaids. If anyone going thru this, PLEASE write back. I am at my "wits end". I am 49 yrs old.. I also have a very high tolerance to pain meds. The md's don't like to prescribe for me because I need such strong meds. Quantity vs. Quality is guess. The only joy i have in life are my dogs. My 2 sons 18 and 25yrs old and are too busy to see me. That hurts a lot!!! Really feel like is it worth living or not. Chronic pain is ruining my life. I don't have a life anymore. How much longer can i go on.? I believe there is nothing wrong with suicide if the quality of life is poor. PLEASE answer with any advice. Thank you all so very much!!!