... taking Fluoxetine which was prescribed by my Doctor when I went for an appointment with him to discuss how I'd been feeling for quite some time. He told me he thinks that I am suffering from Depression. And while I do have lows which I do get upset about, it's not just simple feeling low. I get almost so upset that I am uncontrollable, hysterical. I even contemplate hurting myself, not to kill myself, I think it's just a cry for help if I'm honest. I don't experience real 'highs' like I have read people do with Bipolar Disorder. But I do go for days where I am completely happy. Also I have really bad mood swings, I fly off the handle and can be really aggressive and violent, which sometimes makes me cry after I've experienced this as well. I also become very paranoid about everything and everyone. And have a real sense of failure about myself. I really hope someone can help I don't know whats wrong with me, I don't know if it is just depression. I've started getting very drunk when socialising too. I think this is maybe a way of blocking things out.