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I am hoping it helps my inner ear (fullness) then I get dizzy and start to panic?

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marjorie zych 9 May 2010

Please fill me in on the problem some more. What medicine or condition are you talking about. If you give a little more info I will try my best to help, I am not a pro but like to help if I can. Thanks

survivor54 10 May 2010

Hi Marjorie, I have an inner ear problem called " BPPV" My ears are full most of the time causing me to be lightheaded,dizzy,buzzing in ear,nausea and panic attacks. I have tried decongestion, and now I am trying "Meclizine" they now have over the counter. That is the medicine I was talking about. thank you!

marjorie zych 13 May 2010

Meclizine is a good drug for dizziness no matter what the cause. I used Meclizine a few times for vertigo. I frequently have some dizziness myself and have also had the feeling of fullness in my ears but never knew there was a condition for it. I have tried decongestion medicine also for it so this is got me curious. Hope the Meclizine works for you it is no fun to be off balance. free discount card

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