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I am hearing Motrin and Robitussin causing heart attacks when the two are given at the same time?

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hmhaas 11 Nov 2009

I am almost positive that this is false. Motrin (also known as Ibuprofen) and Robitussin (also known as Guaifenesin) don't interact with each other and are often told to be taken together. I have personally taken these two together for years and I give them to my son when he is sick together and no problems here.

wolfestevenf 4 Dec 2017

Robitussin has several formulations. Guaifenesin is a mucloytic expectoran and not an antitussive. I believe the most common ingredient in Robutussin is dextromethorphan. Mucinex contains guifenesin, and there are som formulations of Robitussin that contain dextromethorphan but also can contain acetaminphen (Tylenol) and phenylephrine (Sudaphed PE). Robitussin can also contain guifenesin with codiene, but this is only by prescription. free discount card

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