I have been on 5 mg. percocet for 14 years and finally had to move to something stronger for my chronic pain. I have been taking the new oxycontin for 7 weeks now and was relieved to know it wasn't just me having problems. I have daily headaches and it hits my stomach hard, even though I take daily prilosec. I am nauseated alot of the time and it seems to release when it wants to... not the steady release it had before. I'm so sad that a good pain reliever had to be changed because of abuse, but we also have to give our drivers liscense to get sudafed now! I am moving to generic, but I'm sure it will change also. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I'm not the kind of person to give into pain, but this has been a horrific 2 months. It had definitely changed and is hurting me more then it is helping me.